10 Common Mistakes of Abdominal Training

Here are the most common mistakes in these 10 abdominal muscle training. If you can avoid such mistakes that I’m sure you can see your abdominal muscles in the mirror as scheduled.

10 Common Mistakes of Abdominal Training

1. Ignore compound exercises

If you are strictly training on isolated abdominal muscles, maybe you are making a huge mistake. Compound movements like deadlift, squat and jerk can tighten every inch of your core, don’t forget to add them to your training.

2. Do abdominal exercises first

The abdominal muscles is your core and they are just the places that help you stabilize your body. If you let them get tired in the early stages of training, then you may have to suffer the pain every time during the whole training when you need to tighten the abdominal muscles. Everyone knows that in the deep squat, the core role is to protect your spine, so try to do abdominal muscle exercises at the end of training.

3. Lazy on the diet

How to make the abdominal muscles surface is no longer a secret: reduce body fat. This is not something you can do by doing a few hundred times a day. If the diet is not in place, I am sorry, you may never see your chocolate abdominal muscles.

4. Specially arrange a training session for the abdominal muscles

15 minutes is enough. If you are already doing compound movements like squats and deadlifts, then doing 2-3 sets of abdominal exercises at the end of the training is definitely enough.

5.Training abdominal muscles every day

The abdominal muscles, like other parts, take time to recover. If the stimulus is in place, it may take two days.

6.Not paying attention to action form

Come again, the abdominal muscles are the same as your other parts, pay attention to your movements, don’t twist like roasting on the fire, and make sure your abdominal muscles participate in it every time.

  1. Forget your lower back

The core area is divided into three parts: front and back and side. Many people ignore the lower back muscles (the erector spinae) and exercise them like you train other muscles.

  1. Angle is too single

Your external oblique, transverse abdominal, rectus abdominal and erector spinae are all part of the core muscle, but they are different muscles with different muscle fibers. You have to hit them from multiple angles. Maybe you can’t train these muscles at the same time by completing a lot of complicated abdominal exercises, but don’t go back to the sit-ups taught by physical education teachers. Exercises such as flat support and goat body are more effective exercises than the traditional belly.

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