Way to Relax your muscle, 3 Best Foam Roller in 2018

What’s the Foam Roller?

Foam roller has 50 years history, starting with the wood. It is used by trainers and protectors to improve body perception, improve balance and coordination, and increase flexibility. Then gradually applied to athletes muscles and fascia to relax and recover.

So what is the muscle fascia? Haven’t you heard it before?

In fact, the fascia is a layer of connective tissue wrapped around muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. Everyone who has cut the meat should have an impression, that is, the thing in vain.

It is flexible and its main function is to transmit the power generated by the muscles, provide structural support and protection, and also reduce muscle friction.

Why do you need to relax the fascia?

In fact, the most important thing is to increase flexibility. Flexibility is very important to prevent sports injuries and improve exercise levels. The following organizations determine the extent of joint activity: joint capsule and ligament (47%) muscle and fascia (41%) tendon (10%) and skin (2%). So fascia muscle relaxation to improve flexibility can be said that the only thing we can do.

However, bad posture, muscle imbalance, overtraining, insufficient rest, and inadequate nutrition can make muscle fascia sticky, reduce muscle elasticity and form pain points or Trigger points. Our modern people sit in the office for a long time, or the muscle imbalance caused by training will form a trigger point.

These pain points can cause muscle fibers to remain tense, affecting or altering joint activity and limiting movement. Once the trigger point is formed, it can cause muscle imbalance and further undesirable posture.

The foam roller is very convenient. The tension is placed on the foam shaft, and the tension caused by the weight of the body is used to relax the muscles. The muscle fascia can be relaxed at any time and anywhere, and after the trigger point is relieved, the muscle ductility is increased at the same time.

How to choose the foam roller?

The foam roller has both cylindrical and semi-circular shapes. The standard diameter is about 15 cm, and the length is 90, 40, 30 cm and many other specifications.

Generally, the foam roller is made of ethylene and polyethylene, and the hardness is moderate. There is also a relatively hard point made of polypropylene, which is used by athletes. Some surfaces are serrated to further increase the relaxation of the muscle fascia. But if ordinary people use the foam roller hardness is too high can cause soft tissue injury, inflammation occurs.

AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller

The foam roller can be easily repositioned to target specific muscles and to assist from one routine to the next. Its design also helps assist when rehabilitating the upper and lower back, calves, hamstrings, gluts, and more. Made from high-density polyethylene foam with molded edges, the AmazonBasics foam roller maintains firmness while providing support for all body types. Even more than its strong design, it cleans easily and offers a compact size and light weight for convenient transport from home to the gym or yoga studio and back again.

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LuxFit Extra Firm Speckled Foam Roller with Online Instructional Video (Blue, 18-Inch)

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Molded polypropylene foam technology has a 2 lbs. per cubic foot density, Smooth surface. Will not lose its shape after heavy use. Using your own body weight let the foam roller do a MyoFascial release to provide Maximum Relaxation Relief. Made in USA!

Fit-Nation Foam Roller for Muscle Massage with Exercise Book

All Fit Nation fitness equipment is made to the highest quality standards and our Performance Foam Roller is a prime example of that.

The Nodules (bumps) on the 3D surface of our roller helps you work those tense areas, easing muscle soreness, whilst the grooves allow oxygenated blood to flow freely, bringing those all important nutrients that heal the tissue of the tender areas that need recovery.

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